Map showing Chunterford and some surrounding towns

Chunterford is a medium-sized English town located about twelve miles south of Duckhampton in Crumbshire (just off the M12 motorway). It has everything you could want in a town, including bus shelters, railings, second-hand DVD shops, and a bowling alley that looks like it needs sprucing up with a fire hose.


Portrait of Doc from Chunterford


Former Scam Artist

Favourite movie: The Big Lebowski
Favourite music: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin
Favourite drink: Lager, in generous quantities

Portrait of Honksnozz from Chunterford


Supermarket Worker and Wannabe Internet Star

Favourite movie: The Wolf Of Wall Street
Favourite music: EDM (dubstep, etc)
Favourite drink: Just a normal cuppa tea, milk, no sugar

Portrait of Ash from Chunterford


Freelance Web Developer and Digital Marketer

Favourite movie: Forbidden Planet
Favourite music: London Grammar, Skott
Favourite drink: Ginger ale

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